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Minutes from The Neighbourhood Watch AGM Tuesday 11th September 2018
Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

Members of the Board of Trustees
Michael Laidlow, Volunteer and Watch Liaison officer
Watch Coordinators
Guest Speakers

Dave Duncombe welcomed and thanked all those who attended this evening. He regretted that the committee had not been as active this year in promoting NhWatch, but was pleased to announce that there will be a promotional stand at Hempstead Valley shopping centre on the 29th September which will be available all day. The annual quiz night has been put back to April 26th 2019. He hoped that the attendees enjoyed the forthcoming evening.

There was a list available of those who had made their apologies.

Copies of the minutes were distributed. The minutes were accepted as a true reflection of that meeting, and were proposed by Adrianne Kinloch and seconded by Ann Reid.

There were no matters arising from the Minutes.

Jeff Mannooch gave a detailed report of the Association’s financial position, which he was pleased to report was strong and healthy, with a current balance of £10,428. He noted that sales of security products were reduced this year, which he felt was due to decreased contact with the public through the promotional stands
The report was proposed by Maria Jarvis and seconded by Gloria Faram.

Our first guest speaker was Chief Inspector Rob Marsh, District Commander, Medway North Division, Kent Police. CI Marsh told us that he had been in the police for 19 years, working in various posts, 10 of which have been in Medway, giving him a wealth of experience. He is responsible for front line policing teams and the Community Safety Unit.

He described the categories of crimes to which the police give priority. These are:

- Child exploitation
- Human trafficking and modern slavery
- Domestic abuse
- Gang violence
- High impact crime, which includes burglary
- Terrorism

These categories haven’t changed for sometime.
He went on to describe the many problems that the police become involved in during their dayto-day work. For example, dealing with drug dealing which included the problem of London
gangs coming to Kent and ‘cuckooing’ local properties to use as bases for dealing; anti social behaviour; including antisocial driving and unauthorised car meets and monitoring knife crime.

He regretted the budget cuts to the police, which created greater reliance on volunteers to support police work, at which point he gave a special thank you to the NhWatch coordinators present.
He responded to questions from the audience, one of which was about parking. He said that this was largely under the control of the local authority now, although the police did get involved at
times. He gave the number of the Medway Council parking hotline - 07718130962. Someone asked who set the priorities for police action. The answer was in the first instance the Chief Constable with the Police and Crime Commissioner

The meeting stopped for a 20min break, during which raffle tickets were purchased and the promotional stand visited.

The following Trustees stood for re-election and were voted in en-bloc: David Duncombe, Maria Jarvis, Mark Botting, Gloria Faram, Tony Faram, Adrianne Kinloch,
Jeff Mannooch Rosemary Roberts and Frank Watton.
George McCarthy has stood down due to ill health.

Our second guest speaker was Alan Watson, Community Speedwatch Manager, Kent Police. Speedwatch is composed of small groups of people operating at the roadside, measuring traffic speed with a handheld device. Currently Speedwatch operates at 1700 sites with 876 operators covering 5400 miles of road. He is looking for volunteers to expand the service, and asked the audience whether they have an issue with speeding in their area. Many hands went up.

There is a minimum age of 18 years and training is given.
The point of the service was to catch speeding cars and issue the appropriate penalty, plus to provide evidence of particular areas where speeding was a problem so that information could be
given to Highways to implement traffic calming systems serious cases.

Mr Michael Laidlow, Volunteer and Watch Liaison Officer, North Division, Kent Police. Michael has been in post since January this year, taking over from Erin Scott. He said that he likes to be known by his nickname, ‘Gordie’ because he originally came from NE England, but has lived in Kent for any years. He told us that he started his working life in the armed forces, moving on to the police in 1991 where he held a variety of posts. More information about
Gordie’s career in the police can be found on the Medway NhWatch website, including a picture of him in uniform.

He informed us that rather than trying to phone 101 and then have to wait for the call to be answered, crime can now be reported on line via the Kent police website. Also as an alternative
he welcomes that anyone can contact him and he will then pass on the message to the appropriate person to action. There was a question about the messaging system, particularly about the lack of messages in some cases. He explained that the old system was stopped because of security issues. Currently the messages are coming through Outlook, which gets overwhelmed so he has now recruited another person to put more messages out on another day. Also it may indicate that there is no crime to report.

The Chairman thanked everyone for supporting the raffle. Tony Faram drew the tickets and prizes were distributed after the meeting.

12. AOB:
David Duncombe explained that at this point he usually presents the John Reed award. This is given to a person who has been nominated as having made an exceptional contribution to NhWatch, not necessarily a coodinator. He regretted that he was unable to present the award this year, as he has not received any nominations.
There was no further business.

David Duncombe thanked everyone for attending and for those who helped the meeting run smoothly. The meeting closed at 21.30..30

Contact Details for the Medway Neighbourhood Watch:

Medway Police Station,
Purser Way,

Contact Michael Laidlow on:
01634 792131

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