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Minutes from The Neighbourhood Watch Association Meeting 13th February 2018
Minutes of the Monthly Association meeting

David Duncombe – Chairman/treasurer
Maria Jarvis – Vice Chairman/secretary
Rosemary Roberts – Minutes secretary
Mark Botting
George McCarthy
Frank Watton
Michael Laidlow (VWLO)

DD formally welcomed Michael Laidlow as our new VWLO, taking over from Erin Scott.
Michael likes to be known as ‘Geordy’

These were received from John Haddaway, Tony and Gloria Faram and Adrianne Kinloch.

Proposed by FW and seconded by GM as an accurate record of the content of the meeting.
MJ requested that ‘Action points’ should be included in the minutes.

DD had no progress to report on the installation of the new KCM system. He recalled that the previous system took about 2 years before this happened. He feared that people would lose interest as although some messages are being sent out through personal email they are few and far between.

ML reported that he was still covering East Division as well as North Kent, which was proving to be very difficult for him being spread so thinly across the county. There was no one to replace him as the post had not been advertised.hibitive.

DD presented the financial report to the committee, a copy of which will be filed with the
Minutes. Proposed by MJ and seconded by FW.

DD reported that the new County chairman had abandoned installation of the Country Eye app, despite it having been approved and paid for when he was chairman. County is still pursuing CIO ( Charity Incorporated Organisation) status, which is not an appropriate path for Medway to follow, as to do so there has to be a guaranteed £5000 per annum income.

Also coming soon will be GDPR (General Data Protection……..) DD is trying to find out if this affects Medway NhWatch. RR asked how this will impact on us, for example the data we store about the NhWatch coordinators, although the computer that it is stored on is not connected to the Internet, not password protected but stored in a locked office. MJ will see if she can set up a password. (ACTION MJ) The existing Data Protection certificate covers other aspects of data storage for Medway NhWatch.

MJ had to cancel the Quiz Night booked for September 21st as it coincided with a holiday booked by her partner. After discussion she will change it to the 28th. Having spoken to other teams who attended previous Quiz Nights she concluded that there would be insufficient interest in holding it twice a year. There was some discussion about other events to raise money, but no decisions were made. She will order the Christmas Grand Draw Tickets later on in the year. (ACTION MJ)

The next newsletter is due in April provided there were articles to put in it otherwise it will be on line only. The following one will be in summer. DD suggested that MJ contacted Peter Faulkner who writes a newsletter in Essex for ideas as to what to include. However she did not think that it was her sole role to trawl the Internet looking for suitable articles.
RR reported that Lauren will be updating the website this week.

Suitable venues for promotional events were discussed. MJ has checked her list of people who used to help on the stand, but noticed that many were no longer available. She will draft an email for ML to send, requesting volunteers to help. He would be also willing to help and had Paul Whitehead N Division police officer on board as well as the special constables.
MJ asked the committee to think about possible venues and to scan local press to see upcoming community events in which NhWatch might be involved. (Action COMMITTEE)

RR requested this item for inclusion. She initially explained the process by which watches were set up. The final stage was to have a ‘launch’ ie the WLO would hold a meeting with the nominated coordinator and interested residents. He would then give a presentation about personal and home security and answer any questions pertaining to the duties of the coordinator and the responsibilities of residents who were part of the watch. This system worked well in the past and the watches were set up promptly. However since the role of launching the watches devolved to the PCSOs, there had been delays in the process for various reasons. On talking about this issue with ML he remarked that in East Kent there was no ‘launch’ as such. RR wanted to know, that given the problems stated, could North Kent adopt this system.

Following a discussion it was decided that the prospective coordinator should be given the choice as to whether to have a launch meeting or not, having explained what a such a meeting involved. If not then they could collect and distribute the starter packs and other useful information leaflets themselves.

9. AOB:
JH in his absence asked what he could be doing in the future to promote new watches and to acquaint himself with current community events. DD described deterioration in Medway NhWatch as compared to other areas and hoped this would improve.
ML hoped to produce a regular newsletter covering the 3 areas.

GM started a petition concerning the parking problems in his road. Adjacent roads have contacted him wanting the same. He wondered what his responsibilities as NhWatch coordinator were regarding this request. Feedback was that other roads have to set up their own petitions, but he may be able to pass on useful information as to what to do. FW regretted he could not take on treasure role as he already does this for a choir he is involved in.

MJ described a new security item which we will be selling; a car key shield that blocks the radio signal to prevent car theft. 10 of these are to be held in the office for sale.

The meeting closed at 21.00
The next meeting is April 10th 2018

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