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Minutes from The Neighbourhood Watch Association Meeting Tuesday 4th December 2018
Minutes of the Monthly Association meeting

David Duncombe – Chairman/treasurer
Adrianne Kinloch - Vice Chairman
Maria Jarvis - Secretary
Rosemary Roberts – Minutes secretary
Jeff Mannooch – Treasurer
Mark Botting
Gloria Faram
Tony Faram
Frank Watton

These were received from Michael Laidlow V&WLO.

Unfortunately, these were not available for the meeting as they were not sent to the Chairman by the minutes secretary due to an,oversight on her part. However RR summarised the content
of the previous meeting from her notes to refresh the committees memory, She will send theminutes to DD asap and they will be read and seconded at the next meeting.

MB noted that he had been receiving more messages. Barbara Blackwell the office volunteer who was responsible for that task has now left, but there is another person to take her place.
DD is copying and pasting the messages on to the NhWatch Facebook page that he maintains, to enable them to reach a wider audience.

DD invited JM to present the financial report which he commented was fairly straightforward. He asked if the invoice from the printers had been received (for the newsletters) MJ will chase it up. He asked if stock items were used as raffle prizes could he
know what these were as he is counting them in preparation for the next stock take. RR tells him what has been sold on a month to month basis for the same reason. Report proposed by MB and seconded by RR.

DD reminded the committee that he attends the Kent County meeting, this time accompanied by AK as the new vice chairman. The meeting was largely unproductive with no decisions made, but concern was expressed about the shortage of the display roundels. DD felt attacked over this by other members because he is the regional rep for National NhWatch, and they thought he would know what to do about it.

The other agenda item at the meeting was a talk about Kent Association of Local Councils (KALC). He passed around copies of the handout he was given. They have an advisory role both legal technical and general, with the aim of councils being able to share best practice to enable them to improve their services and to overcome problems such as fly tipping and HGVs using unsuitable roads and causing traffic problems. DD advised us of the forthcoming police open days on 28th, 29th, and 30th June 2019. One of the days will be open to the public which has yet to be confirmed. Admission will be by ticket on the day at the Police Training College in Maidstone.

The quiz Night will go ahead as planned. MJ and AK will set the questions. The Grand Draw will be repeated next year as sufficient profit was made this year, despite the later issue of the tickets this year. JM asked how prize money was raised. DD replied that the prize money came out of the ticket sales. MJ will make up 4 packs of consolation prizes this year.

There will be no Christmas newsletter. MJ asked if some crime prevention info could be put on the messaging system, but someone commented that ML had already done so. There will be 3 newsletters next year. There was no further update on promotion venues and volunteers were still required to help on the stand. We still have 3 new members coming next year to join the committee, who may help in this area. The committee were asked to continue to look for suitable venues for the promotion stand.

8. AOB:
DD expressed the need to set up a sub-committee for the Conference next year and hopefully to arrange a meeting before Christmas.

MJ suggested changing the August Committee meeting date to be nearer the date of the conference to finalise the arrangements. DD would like to revisit this suggestion nearer the time. The Conference will be held at Rainham Girls’ as MJ has contacted other schools and potential venues as alternatives and drawn a blank.
The Raffle tickets were drawn and the meeting was closed at 20.30

The meeting closed at 20.30
Next meeting: Tuesday 12th February 2019

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